Team 1 Result Team 2
Look Arena QuesitoArena Quesito 2 – 0 Team Heretics
Look Kaiju eSportsKaiju eSports 2 – 1 MAD Lions Academy
Look Real Sporting de Gijón eSportsReal Sporting de Gijón eSports 2 – 1 QLASH Spain
Look x6tencex6tence 2 – 1 Zerozone
Look S2V EsportsS2V Esports 2 – 0 Jameo eSports


Name Team Value
Look x6 Echava #8V2GP9LCx6 Echava #8V2GP9LC x6tence 5
Look xXJuanManuelXx #YVCCPCCVxXJuanManuelXx #YVCCPCCV Arena Quesito 3
Look Juannavarro #LYU9C09JJuannavarro #LYU9C09J Kaiju eSports 3
Look Imfenix #28U8L09QImfenix #28U8L09Q S2V Esports 2
Look David #Q28QVLGDavid #Q28QVLG Real Sporting de Gijón eSports 1
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