Team 1 Result Team 2
Look CerberusCerberus 0 – 2 Lenovo Legion
Look Columbus PacersColumbus Pacers 2 – 2 Constantí eSports
Look eFitnerseFitners 1 – 0 Ferrol Hotspur [E]
Look Gades CFGades CF 0 – 1 Wolves City Fc
Look Real Sporting eSportsReal Sporting eSports 0 – 0 Mav3ricks eSports
Look UD LLanera DV7UD LLanera DV7 1 – 2 ShowTime
Look x6tencex6tence 1 – 1 Deportivo Alavés


Name Team Value
Look puyo30puyo30 Delirium FC 50
Look rexecampillo1rexecampillo1 Reds Gaming 32
Look AdRiianFc_21AdRiianFc_21 RBB Supporters 31
Look mikivfmikivf Tempest Esports 30
Look FranBP_FranBP_ Gentlmen SAD 30

Yellow cards

Name Team Value
Look A-24-ASCAPE-24A-24-ASCAPE-24 Dragons Returns 9
Look xXRX-500XxxXRX-500Xx SHADOW SQUAD 8
Look Xx-sinchan-xxXx-sinchan-xx Unión Viera e-Sports 6
Look JosemaBPJosemaBP UNEXPECTED eSports Club 6
Look Boryipg15Boryipg15 Dxtiva Piloñesa 6

Red cards

Name Team Value
Look Xx-sinchan-xxXx-sinchan-xx Unión Viera e-Sports 3
Look trompePStrompePS Tres Sesenta FC 3
Look smg20586smg20586 Team Phrenetic 3
Look Pelesinho11Pelesinho11 Sons Of Lighting 2
Look Eskri_Atleti_15Eskri_Atleti_15 RSD Alcalá eSports 2


Name Team Value
Look Andoorra19Andoorra19 Game Over VLS 18
Look MANY_77MANY_77 The New Cartel 16
Look puyo30puyo30 Delirium FC 15
Look papiflow19papiflow19 BLINDERS COMUNIO 14
Look AdRiianFc_21AdRiianFc_21 RBB Supporters 14


Name Team Value
Look DT-ZouNinho_85DT-ZouNinho_85 Delirium FC 33
Look elmauri81elmauri81 Delirium FC 23
Look ViDi1994ViDi1994 Chiringuito eSports 18
Look iReViiValiReViiVal Reds Gaming 18
Look Jriera7Jriera7 Irmaos C.F. 17

Own goals

Name Team Value
Look Alex_LC9Alex_LC9 Imagine eSports 2
Look Xiscoblea7Xiscoblea7 Tempest Esports 1
Look wolfking696wolfking696 SHADOW SQUAD 1
Look Miguelangel84Miguelangel84 Fekyx eSports 1
Look jaavitoo96jaavitoo96 JAM eSports 1

Goals conceded

Name Team Value
Look TonicasizTonicasiz Kattegat eSports 51
Look Danimadrid199912Danimadrid199912 JAM eSports 40
Look JoserriyaJoserriya CF Rayo Majadahonda eSports 37
Look RomerotanqueRomerotanque Lethal Gamers 35
Look Ruben_klk10Ruben_klk10 Xerez CD eSports 35

Fair play

Name Team Value
Look albertom93albertom93 RS Gimnástica eSports 1
Look ChaNi_91ChaNi_91 Tres Sesenta FC 1
Look PabloKun369PabloKun369 White Wolves eSports 1
Look pikoleitor_111pikoleitor_111 FIFEAN 1
Look Chanclas97Chanclas97 White Wolves eSports 1


Name Size Date
Look Normativa 124.03 KB 11/19/2018
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