Team 1 Result Team 2
Look CerberusCerberus Tue, 10/16/2018 23:30 eFitners
Look Wolves City FcWolves City Fc Tue, 10/16/2018 23:30 UD LLanera DV7
Look Constantí eSportsConstantí eSports 2 – 1 ShowTime
Look Deportivo AlavésDeportivo Alavés 0 – 3 Gades CF
Look Ferrol HotspurFerrol Hotspur 0 – 1 x6tence
Look Lenovo LegionLenovo Legion 0 – 2 Real Sporting eSports
Look Mav3ricks eSportsMav3ricks eSports 1 – 0 Columbus Pacers


Name Team Value
Look Braveitor10Braveitor10 Constantí eSports 6
Look FranBP_FranBP_ Gentlmen SAD 6
Look CikitronCikitron Valencia CF eSports 4
Look mikivfmikivf Tempest Esports 4
Look Xxdylancrack18xXXxdylancrack18xX Eleven Gods 4

Yellow cards

Name Team Value
Look Xx-sinchan-xxXx-sinchan-xx Unión Viera e-Sports 2
Look DarkuriosDarkurios Snekkar SAD 2
Look Noelia2306Noelia2306 UD LLanera DV7 1
Look Canelitero56Canelitero56 Lethal Gamers 1
Look xarly_bloxarly_blo ShowTime 1

Red cards

Name Team Value
Look Db—TakerDb—Taker UD LLanera DV7 1
Look Pescuezo_toroPescuezo_toro Deportivo Alavés 1
Look Xx-sinchan-xxXx-sinchan-xx Unión Viera e-Sports 1
Look hardcoriano10hardcoriano10 La Hermandad 1
Look ortiz-vr46ortiz-vr46 La Hermandad 1


Name Team Value
Look AdRiianFc_21AdRiianFc_21 RBB Supporters 2
Look hilarioypepehilarioypepe LOSDEMARRAS FC 2
Look CikitronCikitron Valencia CF eSports 2
Look gcamachoogcamachoo eXplode 2
Look mikivfmikivf Tempest Esports 2


Name Team Value
Look Pelesinho11Pelesinho11 Eleven wizards 4
Look XxManu09xXXxManu09xX Constantí eSports 3
Look Vicente_hazVicente_haz Valencia CF eSports 3
Look Xxdylancrack18xXXxdylancrack18xX Eleven Gods 3
Look Pinilla_94Pinilla_94 Gaineko fc 3

Own goals

Name Team Value
Look ByBlaster25ByBlaster25 GIVEME5 1
Look Dr-neuronalDr-neuronal FIFEAN 1
Look Xiscoblea7Xiscoblea7 Tempest Esports 1

Goals conceded

Name Team Value
Look Darkbones1999Darkbones1999 GIVEME5 8
Look Danimadrid199912Danimadrid199912 JAM eSports 6
Look gerardocc13gerardocc13 Jaén Paraíso Interior eSports 5
Look cris-borrascris-borras Ingrávidos 5
Look Casillas_FIFACasillas_FIFA SD HERCULINA 5

Fair play

Name Team Value
Look PabloKun369PabloKun369 White Wolves eSports 1
Look Chanclas97Chanclas97 White Wolves eSports 1
Look ANSULINHOANSULINHO White Wolves eSports 1
Look Rccv1024Rccv1024 White Wolves eSports 1
Look Neymar_Jr_94_Neymar_Jr_94_ White Wolves eSports 1
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