Team 1 Result Team 2
Look Berserkers VFOBerserkers VFO 1 – 1 Hornets eSports
Look Columbus PacersColumbus Pacers 1 – 3 Lenovo Legion
Look Constantí eSportsConstantí eSports 3 – 2 TorreWolves FC
Look FRL TeamFRL Team 1 – 1 Mar Menor eSports
Look Submarino AmarilloSubmarino Amarillo 2 – 0 ShowTime
Look UD LLanera DV7UD LLanera DV7 0 – 2 VPLegends
Look Wolves City FcWolves City Fc 3 – 2 Eleven Legends CF


Name Team Value
Look FerStaRI96IFerStaRI96I x6tence 30
Look Mejuto_10Mejuto_10 UNEXPECTED eSports Club 28
Look andoorra19andoorra19 Spectre Velis 25
Look CikitronCikitron NeverBack Gaming 25
Look MONfifa_MONfifa_ Vikings SAD 24

Yellow cards

Name Team Value
Look valdesNFXvaldesNFX White Wolves eSports 6
Look Futu11Futu11 UD LLanera DV7 3
Look erdios99erdios99 UD LLanera DV7 3
Look kini_007kini_007 VPLegends 3
Look Maikelito18Maikelito18 Extremadura UD 3

Red cards

Name Team Value
Look xTheKillerHD-xTheKillerHD- GIVEME5 2
Look SadankronSadankron VPLegends 1
Look LuismcqueenLuismcqueen Berserkers VFO 1
Look REQUENA_1REQUENA_1 Wolves City Fc 1
Look Sseu30Sseu30 Wolves City Fc 1


Name Team Value
Look FerStaRI96IFerStaRI96I x6tence 17
Look andoorra19andoorra19 Spectre Velis 16
Look Adramelech1981Adramelech1981 Unión Viera e-Sports 14
Look Daviid-VallecasDaviid-Vallecas Iberian Lynx 14
Look Braveitor10Braveitor10 Constantí eSports 12


Name Team Value
Look vic11081999vic11081999 EtherealGG 23
Look sonic4413sonic4413 OPPORTUNITY VF 21
Look euskdeivideuskdeivid LOSDEMARRAS FC 18
Look Vicente_HazVicente_Haz NeverBack Gaming 18
Look Sesplu8Sesplu8 Constantí eSports 17

Own goals

Name Team Value
Look FnanoFnano UCAM CF eSports 4
Look Javi_vk86Javi_vk86 SrMortred 2
Look thelion277thelion277 SrMortred 2
Look XX_ghujolel_XXXX_ghujolel_XX Iberian Lynx 2
Look KTDNruboKTDNrubo xQuality [A] 2

Goals conceded

Name Team Value
Look Marrero-10Marrero-10 Tres Sesenta FC 52
Look tonicasiztonicasiz Oviedo Gaming 38
Look Madame_DiscordiaMadame_Discordia Quimera eSports 29
Look bernabePsK9bernabePsK9 CF Rayo Majadahonda eSports 27

Fair play

Name Team Value
Look ZaSsSZaSsS Zivors United [A] 3
Look Cacharrito88Cacharrito88 Zivors United [A] 3
Look euskdeivideuskdeivid LOSDEMARRAS FC 2
Look gns36gns36 eXplode 1
Look Ivan21__98Ivan21__98 Zivors United [A] 1


Name Size Date
Look Normativa ProGamingCT Clubes Pro 601.23 KB 06/15/2018
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