Team 1 Result Team 2
Look @Davidroces@Davidroces 0 – 1 @samutorres92
Look @Edegarth10@Edegarth10 1 – 0 @JoseAlicante93
Look @frankie8lampard@frankie8lampard 2 – 2 @Raul6_95
Look @Futu11@Futu11 0 – 0 @TsK_Dani
Look @JoakinXX@JoakinXX 0 – 0 @Oriaj10
Look @Robertiko_nueva@Robertiko_nueva 6 – 2 @Gurpeee
Look @villoria8@villoria8 2 – 2 @zers740
Look @Champ740@Champ740 @Aleex99


Name Team Value
Look BernardBernard @Robertiko_nueva 25
Look V. IbiševićV. Ibišević @Kram_12 22
Look R. LewandowskiR. Lewandowski @Karrymcf_45 20
Look K. AnsarifardK. Ansarifard @Josemius 19
Look H. LozanoH. Lozano @cipitria 18

Yellow cards

Name Team Value
Look Y. SabalyY. Sabaly @Ortega178 1
Look Álvaro GonzálezÁlvaro González @xxKaosBlackxx 1
Look E. ÜnalE. Ünal @xxKaosBlackxx 1
Look LuisãoLuisão @Romero_Esp 1
Look LuisãoLuisão @juarecinho_10 1

Red cards

Name Team Value
Look V. TorosidisV. Torosidis @miguifutbolista 1


Name Team Value
Look MalcomMalcom @Ortega178 3
Look F. QuagliarellaF. Quagliarella @Cholas_Puercas 1
Look N. DirarN. Dirar @LordJak 1
Look SoldadoSoldado @LordJak 1
Look N. de PrévilleN. de Préville @Ortega178 1


Name Team Value
Look PizziPizzi @Romero_Esp 12
Look B. WoodB. Wood @aleeex_grc 8
Look E. AdebayorE. Adebayor @frankie8lampard 8
Look F. KostićF. Kostić @aleeex_grc 4
Look M. ElyounoussiM. Elyounoussi @Alberto_mg10 [A] 4

Own goals

Name Team Value
Look CasemiroCasemiro @Santicolas 1
Look M. SportielloM. Sportiello @cipitria 1

Goals conceded

Name Team Value
Look AlissonAlisson @LOPEZAMISTAD [A] 2
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