Team 1 Result Team 2
Look @alexsanfer11[A]@alexsanfer11[A] 3 – 4 @Oriaj10
Look @Champ740@Champ740 1 – 0 @frankie8lampard
Look @danii_noriega7[A]@danii_noriega7[A] 0 – 1 @JoakinXX
Look @Davidroces@Davidroces 0 – 5 @TsK_Dani
Look @Edegarth10@Edegarth10 2 – 1 @Jorgelg1997 [A]
Look @FuTu11@FuTu11 0 – 1 @zers740
Look @Gurpeee@Gurpeee 0 – 1 @Blenkotanos89 [A]
Look @villoria8@villoria8 3 – 4 @Robertiko_nueva


Name Team Value
Look A. BelottiA. Belotti @pablitotrini 33
Look L. BittencourtL. Bittencourt @abi_mendez 29
Look P. NtepP. Ntep @Raul6_95 27
Look José CallejónJosé Callejón @Robertiko_nueva 27
Look F. CastilloF. Castillo @TsK_Akosta 25

Yellow cards

Name Team Value
Look LuisãoLuisão @juarecinho_10 1
Look C. LengletC. Lenglet @boby_md 1
Look S. N'ZonziS. N'Zonzi @boby_md 1
Look LaguardiaLaguardia @danidopi27 1
Look S. De MaioS. De Maio @Franjimenez6 1

Red cards

Name Team Value
Look T. VilhenaT. Vilhena @CpfIdea 1


Name Team Value
Look N. de PrévilleN. de Préville @Ortega178 3
Look José CallejónJosé Callejón @Ed_Warner 2
Look PortilloPortillo @xinsibox [A] 2
Look Jorge MolinaJorge Molina @xinsibox [A] 2
Look A. NdiayeA. Ndiaye @xinsibox [A] 2


Name Team Value
Look T. BongondaT. Bongonda @TsK_Akosta 14
Look F. CastilloF. Castillo @TsK_Akosta 14
Look B. YılmazB. Yılmaz @TsK_Akosta 12
Look Rubén RochinaRubén Rochina @Alberto_mg10 11
Look S. AzmounS. Azmoun @Alberto_mg10 11

Own goals

Name Team Value
Look KepaKepa @FuTu11 1

Goals conceded

Name Team Value
Look L. InsigneL. Insigne @Ed_Warner 5
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