Team 1 Result Team 2
Look Berserkers VFOBerserkers VFO 1 – 5 ShowTime
Look FRL TeamFRL Team 0 – 2 VPLegends
Look Gaineko VFO [E]Gaineko VFO [E] 3 – 1 Fen1x eSports
Look Ganxets FCGanxets FC 0 – 4 Constantí eSports
Look Mar Menor eSportsMar Menor eSports 4 – 2 Wolves City Fc
Look TorreWolves FCTorreWolves FC 3 – 2 Hornets eSports
Look UD LLanera DV7UD LLanera DV7 5 – 1 Eleven Galactic


Name Team Value
Look Wiizz-_-ohsniipaWiizz-_-ohsniipa R3X Gaming 38
Look rexecampillo1rexecampillo1 VendaBall FC 34
Look Xx_Tiburon95_xXXx_Tiburon95_xX Aural eSports 31
Look HufegoHufego Submarino Amarillo 29
Look BAKU09BAKU09 FC Chapa Chapa [E] 24

Yellow cards

Name Team Value
Look Evildead73Evildead73 Ganxets FC 5
Look iFeRNii09--iFeRNii09-- SpartansFC 5
Look angel_kefo16angel_kefo16 Tres Sesenta FC 5
Look XxKaosBlackxXXxKaosBlackxX Tres Sesenta FC 4
Look xarly_bloxarly_blo ShowTime 4

Red cards

Name Team Value
Look oscarsa_7oscarsa_7 ESPECTRO eSports 2
Look ivanxo66ivanxo66 Spain Fox Unit 1
Look Don-melenDon-melen R3X Gaming 1
Look Xx-AlBeRtO_91-xXXx-AlBeRtO_91-xX GamePong FC 1
Look Daviid-VallecasDaviid-Vallecas UD LLanera DV7 1


Name Team Value
Look eor90eor90 Oviedo Gaming 16
Look Wiizz-_-ohsniipaWiizz-_-ohsniipa R3X Gaming 13
Look HectordeporHectordepor Respect FC 12
Look Sesplu8Sesplu8 Constantí eSports 11


Name Team Value
Look Dt-Zouninho_85Dt-Zouninho_85 R3X Gaming 27
Look Zidane_dios_5Zidane_dios_5 Te Fundo Fc 21
Look juanfranpr3juanfranpr3 Team GalaxyzZ 19
Look jmd_barbatejmd_barbate VendaBall FC 18
Look iMisterCabanasiMisterCabanas Aural eSports 16

Own goals

Name Team Value
Look SirimirihdSirimirihd eXplode 1
Look Yoyito88Yoyito88 eXplode 1
Look aitor_CLaitor_CL Mar Menor eSports 1
Look MOU_T34M_9MOU_T34M_9 eXplode 1
Look adrizac96adrizac96 Mar Menor eSports 1

Goals conceded

Name Team Value
Look gerardocc13gerardocc13 Jaén Paraíso Interior eSports 64
Look CherenkovvCherenkovv Hostage Club 44
Look Pan_PodridoPan_Podrido Tres Sesenta FC 39
Look joaquin2921joaquin2921 Wolves City Fc 35
Look Mengod1Mengod1 FC Cartagena [A] 30

Fair play

Name Team Value
Look PAUDC_11PAUDC_11 ESPECTRO eSports 2
Look ByElektrikByElektrik ESPECTRO eSports 1
Look lokoismael28lokoismael28 ESPECTRO eSports 1
Look cremita_24cremita_24 ESPECTRO eSports 1


Name Size Date
Look Normativa Clubes Pro ProGamingCT 486.77 KB 01/17/2018
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