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Kaiju eSports

Name PM C FP Linked
Look JorgeLuque15 #2QG0RPPPJorgeLuque15 #2QG0RPPP 18 1 0
Look Juannavarro #LYU9C09JJuannavarro #LYU9C09J 18 3 0
Look JuanRR #9JC02J22JuanRR #9JC02J22 17 0 0
Look Kaiju Abraham #22GLQLPUKaiju Abraham #22GLQLPU 18 -1 0
Look Kaiju darksoul #88UVL2GKaiju darksoul #88UVL2G 17 0 0
Look Munchen #920L22GYMunchen #920L22GY 17 0 0
Look OP_Hoskitar #QGJ999UOP_Hoskitar #QGJ999U 18 -1 0
Look Roki #8OGLJYU9Roki #8OGLJYU9 17 0 0
8 / 8
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